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Race For Life 2016, Southend-On-Sea

Last weekend, actually I think it would be a fortnight ago now (#badblogger) I took part in my first ever Race for Life UK. If I am honest with you I wasn’t really sure what to expect – so much so I dragged my best […]

Travel Diary: Alicante Snapshots #1

I’ve been a little bit MIA for the past week, well actually since I came back from Spain. now, that’s not because my detox put me off of the internet (trust me I doubt that all ever happen at all) but because I got caught […]

Let’s Talk YouTube

If you didn’t know already I have two YouTube Channels. Cliche right? Now, I am nothing special -trust me- however I did used to enjoy uploading two videos a week in previous years. Due to becoming lazy and focusing more on spending time with Ex boyfriend’s […]

Another Video With The Bestie

After two and a half years I decided I would get the Bestie back on board to help me ease back into YouTube and help me make a foul of myself. This time around there was no awkward starts, no broken cameras but lots of […]

I Remembered How To Vlog!

Oh yes! You heard that right. After having a rather long break from YouTube while I moved and settled into my new house, I finally managed to find my SD card, sit down in front of a window and click record. Who knew it could […]

Loose Ends: Leaving Jamaica Early, Moving House, Spartan Race

For all you nosey lot who have been tweeting me asking where I am and also what been going on over the past month, here’s your answer. Grab a cup of tea because I am about to ramble on for 12 minutes about my awful […]

The Video: 2014 Beauty Awards

It’s finally here, my 2014 beauty favourites! I’ve rummaged together the best of the best from the last year in each category. The task was  actually a lot easier than last because I feel like 2014 was the year that I really pinned down a routine. If […]

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Getting into the swing of filming videos again may take a few attempts, however, I eased myself back in with my eyes closed and got down to showing you what Santa delivered a few days back. There’s enough Kitchen Appliances to move out (yay), a […]


Ok, the Christmas countdown officially starts in less than 48 hours!!! I know, I’m not cheering much either with 23 days of work lined up. So, seeing as I don’t have time to Vlog my days away in retail – don’t be too upset – I’ve […]