La Crisalida Retreats Review

I promise that this will be my last post about Yoga for a while. That being said, I reckon this is the most important post of them all – an actual review of the retreat. The package I booked (which I have spoken about before here) made my trip as simple as possible travel wise, […]

How To Kill Time on A Plane

I am currently writing trying to write this post from a 1980s style Hungarian PC on our boat. This may not sound like much but not only does my grandmother run faster than this but also my keyboard is all back to front! So guess what, we made it to Budapest in one piece. Although […]

Travel Diary: I’m off to Budapest

I can finally say that I am heading to Budapest tomorrow. It feels like forever since we booked this trip but it’s come around so quickly since I’ve moved out that I haven’t even packed! Budapest is the city you always see around making everyone’s top 10 places to visit etc so of course I […]

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