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6 Lessons I Learnt At Yoga Camp

Last month get away really was a learning curve for me. Being able to take time out and work on myself and my current problems at the time was something I would recommend over and over again to everyone. Of course a Yoga retreat isn’t going to be for everyone, but being able to use …

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How to Travel When You Work Full-Time

Just because you work full-time and want to have a steady career at home, doesn’t mean you can’t go an explore the world and plan your own adventure. In fact I find always having small breaks fitted in between my work schedule more exciting and worth while because I appreciate it all that little bit …

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Time Out: Changing My life In Spain

Everyone goes through a stressful time every now and then, and I think while we are all still 20 something it’s a whole lot harder. When you’re in your Teens you’re pretty much solidly in Education so you’re worries tend to be limited to that aspect of your life. When you’re in your thirties you’re …

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My Travel Moments of 2015

In 2015 I made a vow to my sanity after a rather crap breakup that I would travel for at least 24 hours to a new City each month for six months. For me this was more than just a quick holiday to ‘find myself’. It was a chance to believe in myself, have something new to …

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Paying Someone To Look At My Pants

Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting here writing a post with such a title. Currently I am plonked up on a rather uncomfortable chair in Newquay airport waiting to fly home for a ten-hour shift at work. I can assure you it sound’s just as delightful as it is. …

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Why We Travel The World

The decision to go travelling comes to each of us at different times. I know a few people who jetted off around the world right after school, and others that are doing it in the near future. Either way, we are all aware that there is something much bigger outside our postcode that if we want to, …

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