Out For The Season

I think I jinxed myself last post when I mentioned that I was finally fully prepared for a race because BOOM, I am now out for the season! Without going into to much detail (I’ve shared some more details on Insta if you really feel the need to be nosey) I was rushed into emergancy […]

#20SomethingRuns: Marathon Update #3

Marathon update time!! These weekly updates are really helping to highlight the improvement I am making and consequently motivating me to do better. I have decided that these will now go live just before the weekend on Thursday/Fridays, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. This week has been all about working through delayed […]

Day One.

Welcome to A Diary Of A 20 Something. You’re now allowed to take part in those ‘you’ll understand when you’re older’ conversations and experience the full-time job that is being (trying to be) an adult. I believed once I left high-school that everything simply fell into place: I’d stay in a committed relationship, land my […]

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