CC Creams, Bigger & Better?

Beauty & Make-Up / Monday, March 11th, 2013


Have you heard about the new revelation hitting the stores late winter?

Every girl I know wants flawless skin so they can be beautiful all day long, of course without all the effort. Well I have news for you. A revolution arised this year, firstly with the arrival of BB creams, which were the perfect combination of tinted moisturizer, primer packed with anti aging properties. Well the beauty industry went one further, CC Creams. This new collection cream offers a whole new take on the all in one cream.
Using the same principle of BB creams, Complexion Correction cream is designed to offer more coverage on the skin, more like a foundation rather than moisturizer but still go on absolute. Packed with more moister, anti aging products and all the rest, this new product will hit the beauty industry with storm.
Excited to try? I am!

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