Christmas Holiday Traditions

Lifestyle / Saturday, December 24th, 2016

We all have that one thing that marks the start of Christmas for us. It could be buying an advent calendar; going out shopping with your mum or best friend on November payday or just seeing the infamous Coca-Cola advert. For me the latter usually seems to hit the nail on the head, as for someone who has worked ungodly hours for the past 4 years leading up to Christmas I don’t tend to get that Christmas feeling till I finish work on the 24th.

However… this year has been different. With a  Monday to Friday 9-5 job; a new family and my own house I have gained and created some new holiday traditions already.

It all started when my Mother-in-Law gifted Lloyd & I our first festive decoration and it was something that shocked and also touched me. When I was looking and saving to move into my first home I always used to buy one thing for my home every payday. This included 1 decoration in January in the sales. Receiving this gift made me remember my little tradition and sparked something in me to make sure to keep it up each year, starting with my new shiny ‘Merry Force Be With You’ bauble.


Then the Coca Cola truck came to visit Southend and there was no need to wait around for a TV advert anymore. Of course that was when it really hit me that Christmas was looming and I shouldn’t waste anymore time pondering what to buy people and just go buy something already.

I took the boys to go see Santa with my parents which I must admit filled me with so much joy and happiness – I’ll be sure to do this every year until they grow too old for it!

And last weekend Lloyd invited me round to his parents to snuggle up on the sofa with his family for a Christmas movie marathon – something they do every year!

I think it’s safe to say that my Christmas countdown agenda has gone from more than just scoffing a tube of smarties with my dad at 5am Christmas morning while we wait for everyone to wake up, to a whirlwind of festive events. Over the years I intend to become more like Cindy Lou and create fantastic memories with everyone I care about rather than overloading myself with work and pretending Christmas doesn’t matter.

What are your Holiday traditions?


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