Covering your Tattoos for Photo’s

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up / Monday, September 26th, 2016

I thought it was about time I spoke about something beauty and makeup related for a change as I have seemed to have drifted from this path a lot lately. Last Friday I was sitting down with Jenny nattering about life, makeup and weddings – particularly how so many women try to cover up their tattoo’s for big events; such as their wedding.

The process of removing a tattoo is long and painful (and not to mention the effects aren’t usually visible for the first four months) thus removing it quickly isn’t and option, which is why this is a common request. The thing is, it’s so darn easy and cost-effective to learn how to cover tattoo’s that you may as well just learn yourself!

Of course, this will take practise – everything always does- but, in the long-term it’s a talent you can keep using as it will help you cover bites, bruises and under eye circles in the future.

So here goes:

  1. Make sure the area you will be working on is dry and free of oil. This means no moisturising beforehand ladies.
  2. Start by neutralising the dark areas. Using a red, peach or pink cream cover up (or red lip liner) Stipple, or draw is you are using a pencil, a generous amount of product over the tattoo.
  3. Apply a layer of translucent powder and bake for a few minutes before dusting off.
  4. Now we have sorted out the darkness, go in with your colour matched foundation, and gently pat on the product and blend it out.
  5. Finally go back in with another layer of translucent powder and bake for a few minutes before dusting off.
  6. If you need to repeat this process again as some of your tattoo is still visible go right ahead but be gentle you don’t counteract your previous efforts.

Now, if you have a coloured tattoo you will have to work in sections to counter act the coloured ink. You can do this by using a colour wheel.

Image result for colourwheel

You see how green is opposite red? and how blue is opposite orange? This is how you figure out what colour product you will need to counteract the other. So if you have a green stalk on your flower tattoo use a red cream colour as your step 2 product and vice versa.

It takes some getting used to and you may even want to invest in a tattoo cover kit which cost around £50, but just remember the most important thing is to make sure you set the foundation perfectly by using a generous amount of powder and you don’t keep touching it.

Now, just get practising and save yourself a shit ton of money & pain!

If you have any questions feel free to comment bellow and I’ll help you out 🙂 If not, remember worse case their is always Photoshop!

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