Dealing With Grief: Why I Am Racing Every Weekend.

Fitness, Lifestyle / Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Running is rapidly becoming a huge part of my life. Not because I am good at it (I am hoping this will change over the course of time) but because I love the fact I am making a difference. Even if I am not raising hundreds of pounds for charity, just my entry tickets alone do some good and the charities get extra coverage across my channels.

When my Nan passed away from Cancer in 2014, honestly, it didn’t hit me that hard. I think I must have been in some stage of shock or denial for at least a year because it wasn’t until a friend was going through the same thing that I realised what I had lost. I lost a piece of my childhood, I lost a friend, and most importantly I lost MY Nan.

For me, each event I run in her memory helps me accept what happened and deal with my grief. Grief isn’t something I have spoken about since the video I made the day after her funeral, yet it’s still apart of me whither I show it or not. Running events in her memory makes me remember things that grief doesn’t let me; like how she always hid her sweets when I came over to visit. It turns bitter-sweet memories into happier ones because I know that the money I pay or raise lets someone’s Nan hide the sweets just one more time.

To complete my Ultimate Survivor Race in aid of Cancer Research UK & the awesome charity that is Stand Up To Cancer, I knew I had to train and train hard. So what better way to do that, than race in more charity races & raise more money to help people in between.

I only have 2 more races left until the big day and I feel like I have the support of the world behind me because I am no longer dwelling about what has changed. This may be a bold statement, but I feel like I have finally dealt with the death of my Nan . Of course I know that it can come back when I least expect it, but, now I know I have a way I can reconnect, I can run.


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