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I was provided with one week of Muscle Food‘s Do The Unthinkable meal prep plan, which included a DVD and a 90-day calendar in return for an honest review.
As a thank you Muscle Food have offered my readers a £5 discount off orders using the code 20something5 
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When an email from Muscle Food popped in my inbox a few weeks back I was eager to read what they had to say. Muscle Food is a company I always find myself browsing through looking at proteins, supplements and food. You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review their new Do The Unthinkable Meal Prep Program.

Do The Unthinkable Meal Prep plan is a meal prep services that covers every meal, plus snacks so for someone like me who has a full time job & a heavy training schedule the meal prep fitted perfectly into my schedule and actually saved me a ton of time.

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I selected my products on the Wednesday afternoon after stiffing through the array of options and was pleased to see my order had arrived promptly via DPD on Friday Morning just in time for a heavy weekend.

The plan’s simple enough to follow with three meals a day, plus three snacks a day, and it’s your choice as to what to eat and when so keeping up with my intermittent fasting was no trouble at all.

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Once my food arrived I froze a good portion of it so insure everything was kept as fresh as possible as I knew everything was freezer-compatible, including the soups. I simply grabbed the meals I wanted (usually the ones at the top of the draw) the night before and defrosted them in the fridge overnight.

If I am honest I wasn’t expecting huge changes seeing that I was only trialing the products for a week without feeling like I was starving myself. However, I found myself dropping water weight rapidly within the first few days and by the time I was half way through the plan I felt the best mentally I have in a long time about my body – and I was nowhere near dying of hunger. It turns out fueling your body with health meals every 2 hours rather than a quick P&J on toast before training and a massive dinner in the evenings can do wonders!

I managed to lose 3lbs in total during the week and found myself eating more calories than usual. Sometimes I couldn’t even finish a whole meal which isn’t like me at all – believe me!

Muscle Food’s Do The Unthinkable meal prep program also comes with an exercise DVD and online Personal Trainer program which you can do alongside the meal prep. Now although I didn’t get round to trying the workouts for myself – due to the fact I am currently training my bum off swimming – I did have a look over at the real-time workouts and hope to try them out in the future for a quick HITT session.

I think if I had, had the time to complete the workouts alongside the diet I would have noticed more of a difference in my shape rather than my weight and to be honest wish I had so I could give you a better side by side transformation.

My program was for a week only, however if you purchase the full program for 90 days you will get access to a meal planner, a workout tracker, and a progress tracker, not to mention access to Steve, a personal trainer and nutritionist who can answer questions you may have via social media (you need to have a Facebook account to access this part of the program).

Do The Unthinkable meal prep is delivered weekly for sake of ease, and you can change your food choices whenever you want/need so if you find something that isn’t to your taste (I wasn’t a fan of the Pulsin products at all) you aren’t stuck with it for the whole 3 months.

Overall, I was more impressed than I was expecting to be with Muscle Food and Do The Unthinkable meal prep plan  as I wasn’t eating the usual cardboard diet food, instead fresh good quality food that kept me full and still managed to solve my sweet tooth. My favourite meal was the Chicken Fajita Mix as it required no preparation at all (not even cutting the chicken which I hate) and served as my dinner & lunch!

I will be purchasing the Do The Unthinkable Meal Prep bundle again as it worked with my schedule and I enjoyed the meals which is all a girl can ask for.

If you fancy finding out more, or setting up your own plan head to the Do The Unthinkable homepage on Muscle Food. Do The Unthinkable costs between £60-79 per week, depending on which package you’re choosing. Of course you can also use my discount code 20SOMETHING5  for £5 off your purchases. 

  • £60 for 30 meals (“Weekend Off” 5-day plan)
  • £69 for 36 meals (“Cheat Day” plan)
  • £79 for 42 meals (“Total Dedication” plan)

Please let me know if you order anything because I’d love to know what food you’re enjoying so I can try it out myself. No-one wants to eat something that doesn’t taste nice now do they :’)

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