Getting Back To It 1 Week Post Laparoscopy

Following my surgery I was told to take 2 weeks off any form of exercise, yet I couldn’t help myself – whoops. For someone who was training 6 days a week regularly, stopping everything (even if you are in pain) is bloody hard as you start feeling lost.

That being said, I would not have even attempted introducing exercise (I use the term lightly as you’ll see soon) if I did not feel up to it because the last thing I want is to end up going back in for round two because I fucked myself over. So if you are in a similar position please just listen to your body and not your ego.

So before I share with you what I got up to last week, I have to mention that I completed all these workouts with supervision. It may make me sound childish & needy but if something were to happen -especially as I still had stitches in – I had someone there who knew what was going on and how to help. This not only made me feel safe, but put my partner and family at ease as they knew deep down they couldn’t stop me from trying.

As I am trying to still complete Swim Serpentine in September my priority for the next few months is swimming so of course I decided to get into the pool first. Just seeing how I would get on I purposely headed to the pool 15 minutes before it closed so I wasn’t able to push myself too much.
I went so slow as, as soon as I started to kick I could feel my stitches twinge. It took 50 meters to really begin to trust myself again and start enjoying moving my body however by 300 meters I was ready to get out as my wounds were so irritated! Stubbornness made me do another 4 laps (not the 8 I wanted to do as 400 meters if my usual warmup distance) but as soon as I finished I wish I had stopped earlier.

After yesterday’s ‘workout’ I didn’t want to push myself by getting on my turbo or heading back to the pool as I did spend the evening in discomfort and I was determied that no-one would tell me ‘I told you so’, so instead I waited for the Mr to come home from work so we could walk to park at the end of the road and plod around until I felt tired.
This isn’t something we have done before as usually we are running or avoding the park becuase its so busy. It was all rather cute.

I felt so good this morning so decided to test myself a little more and do a mini at home workout that would get my heart rate up but wouldn’t irritate my core to much. I am pleased to say it went well overall. I mean, don’t get me wrong as you’ll see from my instagram video my form on side lunges wasn’t too great, but I still felt the burn which is all that mattered and I was over the moon to feel a pump again.
We had also decided to go swimming that evening to increase my distance and time ahead of Mondays training so I headed out for a 20 minute easy swim and managed to complete 600 meters without any pain or pulling sensations. Boom!
All-in-all the day was bloody great and left me feeling like a come back Queen.

It was time to take a day off and get my body ready for the weekend.
Thus, Sol and I headed down to Burnham to visit family and  ended up eating lots of home cooked food and consuming one to many cocktails. My new favourite drink РStrawberry Gin & Processco topped off with lemonade.

I decided to take the weekend off as I was feeling very worn out from the week and was heading back to work on Saturday so didn’t want to push myself too much. We spent Friday, Saturday and all day Sunday watching Game of Thrones on the sofa with a duvet & snacks – it was amazing!

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