How To Prepare For An Obstacle Race

I have been training for my third obstacle race for around a month now, but with under six weeks left till the big day, I’ve stepped up my training ALOT and focused on nothing else in my spare time.

Obstacle races have become a huge thing in the UK, with more and more people entering each year. It’s the new black. Over the years I have seen many friends put up pictures of themselves covered in mud after completing one of these races. But how should you really train for the event?

I have been running every day, increasing my milage by 0.2 a day just to rebuild up muscle memory. However, this wouldn’t work for most people so I created, with the help of Lloyd who is a spelling pro, a six week training plan (which I am following on top of my runs) for all you crazy mud runners! This should be broken down to 3 weeks for your 5k events and the full 6 weeks for the 10k obstacle runs.

Enjoy!!! And remember:

Heroes are made not born – Bear Grylls


Download my training plan here.


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