How To Revamp Your CV

Advice, Career / Monday, September 19th, 2016

Our world as Twenty something’s revolves around money.

We want to: move out, buy a house, get a new car, travel the world, go on holiday, buy clothes our parents disapprove off, go out with the girls every weekend, and settle down with our other halves.

So when we get made redundant, or hand in our notice without thinking, the first thing that sets in is panic. How can I now afford to do X, Y & Z?

Last week I found myself in this situation, yet turned it around within 24 hours and had myself hired again.

Your CV is the key to everything. It’s your VIP invite to your future. So here are my top tips for revamping it just in time for a new job &  your first pay cheque ahead of the festive season.

  • Get a new clean ‘pretty’ template that stand out. I have not yet done this for myself, however have create some unique templates for my friends and all of them got the job they were after! A ‘pretty’ or even just clean, simple and modern CV template stands out from every other Mr Smiths word document.
  • Add colour to your CV.
  • Make sure your personality shines through. Apart from adding this section to the top of your CV – because lets face it your employers care more about who you are then what you have done – make sure your selling the real you. Add humor, or rare facts about yourself. Your interests will be your selling point.
  • Cut the bullshit & don’t over do it. Your previous work experience isn’t a chance for an essay, use bullet points only and make sure you include why you left.
  • Make sure its job specific. I have 4 CV’s and this isn’t uncommon. If you are going for a job in a bank you don’t need to include your part-time waitressing job and vice versa. Create role specific CV’s and your potential new employers will thank you for saving their time.



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