Jamaica: Whats In My Hand Luggage

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As this post goes live I am boarding my plane to Jamaica, to spend two weeks in the sun. Apart from the fact I am going to miss putting stress on myself (it sounds odd but I don’t know how to relax) I am very excited. The last week has dragged and with our three bad events out the way we are safe to board.

I have never been on a ‘long-haul’ (does 8/10 hours count as a long haul?) flight so I just grabbed the basics and my trusty tangle teaser. I’ve also decided to carry my electronics on board because, well, I don’t tend to trust anyone with my cameras – especially airport baggage control (we’ve all seen those TV shows).

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2 thoughts on “Jamaica: Whats In My Hand Luggage

  1. Hey, I have just stumbled across your blog – it is amazing! Where are you headphones from? That colour is gorgeous and I would love to get some myself. Lots of love Lizzie

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