Lets Talk About Cankles

  1. a woman’s fat or swollen ankle whose flesh merges unattractively with that of the calf.

Until quite recently I have always had Cankles. Unlike some people who develop medical problems which cause swelling around the anklesmy cankles were inherited from my beloved Grandma’s & Mum and until today were my biggest insecurity.

I‘ve always wanted to be one of those girls that could wear ankle boots with dresses but not once had the confidence to do so as boots would either cut in, or just look stupid. However not long ago I have noticed that finally my ankles are visible for what feels like the first time in my life, and I put this all down to my training plan. 

When you look into how to reduce the look of cankles online all you see is basic weight loss tips, and yes sorting out your diet will of course help you out considerably as fat can be stored in all kinds of places. But if you‘re like me and your diet isn’t necessarily the problem you need to think outside the box.

Performing simple exercises that help to increase circulation in your legs several times a day will shape your calf muscles and reduce the appearance of cankles. Yes, this is an obvious change but something I was most definitely not doing and something that has made a considerable difference. My two favourite exercises? Calf Raises & Plies. 

Calf Raises

In a standing position, lift your heels off the ground so that you are standing on the balls of your feet. You can also perform these sitting at your desk – just make sure you squeeze at the top of the rep. 


To do a plie start in a standing position. Place your heels together and rotate your toes out to each side. Bend your knees slightly, then return to the starting position. 

But that’s not all.

As you’ll know by now I am training for Swim Serpentine 2018 which requires me to swim around 3-4 miles per week. Now; I am no professional so my front crawl skills are somewhat questionable, so for distance work I always stick to good old breaststroke. However, that being said 2 out of my 3 training sessions I always try and work on front crawl to improve my technique ahead of Ironman. One major tip that has improved my technique considerably is to point your toes while you kick (or rather than kicking at all). 

When you swim, you should always have your toes pointed, this presents a much lower profile to the water helping you increase speed. By implementing this swimming technique I have not only got faster — obviously — but shaped my calves and ankles tremendously.

I feel like a new woman!

In four weeks I have seen dramatic changes in definition and weight loss around my ankles that I had to share this post. My confidence has gone through the roof since I have found the cure, so please stop reading now and head to the pool – you can thank me later! 

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