I’m Living With A Boy – Help!

What the hell was I thinking!?

Okay, I know full well what I was thinking, I mean who wouldn’t want to wake up to someone you love every day, but still I can’t really get my head around what is happening right now.

If you hadn’t figured it out, my boyfriends is moving in with me. I mean a house versus a flat was a no brainer.

Although I have been practically peeing myself with excitement, while also worrying if my house even has enough space a few things started to hit me:

– What happens the first time I break down over nothing due to PMS and just want chocolate not cuddles?

– Or, when he realises that I am a grandma at heart, and a good TV series beats clubbing?

because come on it’s hard to love that side to any girl.

I guess it’s time to learn to share, bite my tounge and smile sweetly when I start finding dirty cups lying around the house everywhere because I know how hard it is to put up with me.


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