Minos Imperial Luxury Spa & Beach Resort

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If you haven’t already guessed by the million and one blog posts and also photo stream on Instagram; I am on holiday in Crete with the other half.

It took us a good week of looking every evening (and while at work) for us to decide on the Minos Imperial Luxury Spa & beach Resort in Crete as our destination because when you’re looking for a sunny holiday there are more than enough hotels on comparison websites to pick from.

We decided on as our package dealer, simply because it had the most deals and packages for the hotels in our chosen locations than any other site. It was easy to navigate around and compare two hotels at once. There was also a fuss-free  extras section get insurance, transfers and attraction tickets if needed.

After looking through many reviews after booking our hotel, we decided to call and upgrade to a ‘Dimond Class’ package, as although our deal was all-inclusive, some reviews mentioned different treatment between the class’s at the hotel, and upgrading would be the best thing we could do. Plus, it still totalled to under £900 for both of us, so it was certainly a no-brainer.

I am sure there will be a full review of our hotel coming on Beauty by Emily at some point in the near future, but for you nosey so and so’s out there a sneaky peak is all I can do for now.

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