Midnight Marathon: Kit Checklist

Uncategorised / Friday, September 22nd, 2017

After taking part in HARP24 a few months back with my running club, I got the bug for night-time running and decided to sign up for a midnight marathon. It’s all come around very quickly as this weekend I take on the Cancer Research challenge to complete 26.2 miles before sunrise and I couldn’t be more excited.

Seeing as I have another smaller event on Saturday I will have to spend the time in-between recuperating as much as possible so I have packed my bags a few days early in order to not miss anything out.

My running kit has most definitely grown since doing a 24 hour relay so I thought I would share with you my night time running kit in case you fancy taking on a similar challenge.

Your normal running trainers will do the job just fine, however if your run route is goes off road I would advise investing in a pair of trial shoes as they provide more grip off-road which is handy when you can’t see!

Thermals are a must have!
You may get all hot a sweaty underneath but you’ll be thankful when you’re not freezing your butt off that you put an extra layer on. I’d recommend these Icebreaker leggings, but long johns and a long sleeve base layer will do the job just fine. I would also make sure you pack gloves and a beanie as you can never trust the weather.

Waterproofs are worth packing in case of emergencies. A light weight waterproof jacket that you can pull over is all you will need, along with a change of clothes in case you do get caught mid run (don’t forget underwear and socks). You may not be able to tell but I am soaked through in the above picture.

You need to make sure that you pack your High Vis gear to avoid any accidents. I recommend not only a bib/jacket – I love my Asics luminous pink one – but ankle and wrist bracelets. These bracelets usually come with built-in lights which allows all road user to notice you sooner as reflective beams only activate when light is reflective. You can easily purchase both bibs, jackets and bracelets on places like Amazon if you are rushed for time.

You also need to make sure you pack a head torch for obvious reasons. You can find these anywhere if you look hard enough. I purchased mine for £5 from Wilkinson’s which out on my lunch break and it is amazing! look here

All that’s left is your event T-Shirt if you have one & bib. Oh and of course your food of choice.

If you know of any good UK 24 hour events please leave them in them in the comments bellow as I’d love to complete more events like this. I’d also like to say a huge good luck to anyone who is here reading that’s about to take on this kind of event – you wont regret it.


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