My Back To Work Skincare Treats

Beauty & Make-Up / Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Originally when I planned this blog post, it was going to be all about what makeup I was slapping on my face in the New Year heading back to work. However, in light of my new years resolution to cut make-up out of my life and love what mother nature gave me, there is no makeup to talk about. Instead I am going to be showing you what skincare I carry in my handbag to work. Man, I’m creative!

So in order of application, please meet my skin heroes…


Sukin Rose Hip Oil. This Rose Hip oil contains essential fatty acids, necessary for protecting the cell membrane as well as Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Lycopene. The Oil feeds the skin vital nutrients to promote radiant, healthy looking skin. Plus; this product absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breathe. Sounds fancy huh? I can agree with the brand comments that this product does sink  into your skin and dry very very quickly meaning that my hand flapping days are behind me. The only downside to this product is because it is organic, it has a very “raw” smell that you just have to learn to stomach.

Nivea Daily Essential Day Cream for Sensitive Skin. This moisturiser is enriched with Vitamin E and Hydra IQ and helps to protect the skin from sunlight induced environmental influences and premature ageing. Anyone else sense a theme with all this anti-ageing malarkey? This product does what it says on the tin, its very hydrating without feeling too thick on your skin and contains SPF 15 which we all know is good for us. I try not to worry to much about what moisturiser I use, just so long as I am using one.

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation. This mineral treatment is powered by our proprietary ActiveSoil Complex. It is clinically proven to help dramatically reduce the appearance of pores, increase luminosity and deliver faster cell turnover-resulting in miraculous skin-renewing benefits. I used to love and use this all the time when I worked at Bare Minerals because it just seemed to de-stress my skin and take away all the nasty redness I was suffering from. Originally this was created as a night treatment (I’m not sure if they are re-branding this as universal?) but either way I take no notice and use it during the day. I simply buff the product on and head out the door!

Of course I also carry around trusty old hand cream; at the moment this is Soap and Glory’s Hand Food as well as Mooncup (in case the unexpected happens) and lip balm.

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