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Beauty & Make-Up / Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

My hair suffers a lot from all that ironing, well when I can be bothered, therefor recently I have fed my hair with these awesome products. I have found since using these products, mainly so my hairdresser Nick will stop moaning about my dead hair, my hair is softer and back to its natural wavy Afro state. Which of course I love to style every morning! My hair is extremely thick and curly with a very sensitive scalp so when I find a product that work.

Redken extreme anti snap leave in conditioner- It took me ages to find a leave in conditioner that didn’t weigh my hair down. On recommendation of Nick, my hair dresser, I tried this product out. I have found since using it that my hair breaks less easily when brushing, but also it smells amazing too.
Super soft heat protection spray-Since I can remember I have always used this heat protector. I found that not only would this product do its job, but leave my hair so shiny that I just wanted to swish my hair all day, (don’t pretend you haven’t tried before.) This product is a must for me, I doubt I’ll ever change but I’m happy to try new products out.
L’oreal studio curl power- I do not use this product often, only because I feel it’s pointless when styling my hair straight. However, for those chill-out days where natural hair runs wild, this products really comes in handy. My hair drys half be ringlet curls and the rest straight, this product I helps to define my curls, leaving me with flawless, natural hair.
Redken all soft oil-  This hair oil is simply like all the rest out there. Its nothing special, but because Redken works extremely well for my hair, this product is a safe bet. I had tried other oils, yet I found that they worked however, my scalp would be irritated and dry. This product doesn’t have that effect, yet leaves my hair super soft and shiny.
Soap & Glory hair supply- I have to use this product every day, I think I’m addicted! I absolutely LOVE IT. It’s honestly too good for words, you just have to try it out yourself. This product improves your hair so that it’ll be softer, shiner, thicker and everything else you want your hair to be. The sent is to die for, staying on your hair all day, you can’t help but want to use more.
Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Let me know.

Toodle pip lovleys.

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