My First Tattoo Experience

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hasma-hand-tattoo-beauty-by-emily-goldingHasma Hand Tattoo – Rob (@robtheo_tattoos) – Low Tide Tattoos Southend

Tattoo’s these days are nothing out of the ordinary, everyone and their mum seems to have one. However, the idea of putting something on my body permanently was a decision that took me nearly two years. I mean a hell of a lot of thinking went into this before I booked the appointment.

When I walked into the tattoo parlour (is that what they are called nowadays?) I was absolutely sh**ing myself. For someone who panics anyway, honestly I didn’t think a) I would make it out the house and b) even have the balls to get it completed. If it wasn’t for my sheer determination to prove myself wrong, and that I can get this done, I would have ended up staying at home all day.

It didn’t take me too long to get comfortable, I honestly think it’s the waiting before hand that is more nerve-racking than anything else. Of course once the tattoo design was stencilled onto my skin, all my nerves were replaced with feelings of excitement. However, that only lasted until the needle went into my skin.

My tattoo is based at the top of my spine which could be one of the most uncomfortable places to get your first tattoo. Any tattoo isn’t going to be pleasant, and in the first 15 minutes I went from thinking; okay this pain is bare able, to becoming dizzy and feeling sick, to having to stop of a second.

The pain of a tattoo isn’t intense, it’s just consistent. For me, after my little blip at the beginning, once I had calmed down the pain didn’t even register. I am not sure if it because I got used to it, or because for the first 15 minutes I was imagining the pain in my head. I couldn’t describe what a tattoo actually feels like, however if I had to relate it to somethings; it’s like being scratched by a Cat.

Overall, the tattoo took just over an hour and a half to complete, and with my housemate and old school buddy talking me through it (with the odd rude messages from my parents) it didn’t feel like forever.

The most annoying part of my experience is the stage I am at now. It’s been just over a week since I got the tattoo done and all I want to do is scratch my back. I haven’t, but by god it’s driving me insane. But, I am still happy and hope to be at least til I am 40/50 with my tattoo (I’ll deal wit the wrinkles at a later date). 

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