My January Wallpaper & Becoming Minimalist

Advice, Fitness / Saturday, January 16th, 2016

What’s the saying? New year new me? Well, you get the idea anyway.

This year for me it’s time to start putting my dreams, feelings and thoughts first and take the plunge and stop relying so much on other people. Especially my parents because they’ve got dreams of their own.

For me this means it’s time to go big or go home. I’ve decided to detox, declutter and start believing in myself.

Detox – This means it’s time to purge all that negative energy,  people and ‘friends’. Oh yes, a detox doesn’t always have to be about diet. Although I have cleared out my cupboards as well as my Facebook friends lists.

Declutter- I am opting to take a more minimalist life onboard, especially after looking into it a lot over the past few weeks. The reason I am doing this isn’t because I want to live out of a van, etc etc but because I’ve come to the realisation that materialistic items are a) not what they used to be  b) pointless in comparison to experiences. Plus a minimalist lifestyle will help my Instagram looking fabulous! Okay… that was a joke. I think.

Start Believing – This means I am going to put my best foot forward. I’ve already started to do this by tackling my Anxiety (more about this over on my Vlog Channel) but I’ve also started to take these steps at work, with my photography and internet habits. If I want something – I’m going to get it because nothing is stopping me.

I’ve set this wallpaper to my Laptop, Phone and iPad just so I can see it everyday – well multiple times a day because I’m addicted to tech – as a simple reminder to keep doing what I am doing. I may not be the best graphic designer out there (or even a graphic designer at all), but this picture is putting a smile on my face everyday so it’s doing the trick.

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