Fitness / Monday, July 20th, 2015

Thoughts-on-cleaning-emily-goldingJust after I took this photo I headed to the supermarket, purchased floor cleaner, toilet roll and a bottle of Mr Muscle and proceeded to spend the next four hours cleaning half of my house.  Sound’s crazy right? My house isn’t that big, but for some reason the minute you clean it, it gets messy again.

Day by day I am slowly turning into a crazy lady who can’t do anything but clean up – and I think I am turning my housemate into one too.

Here are five things that I ask myself daily about cleaning:

1. Where does this dust come from?

2. Why oh why is there toothpaste marks on the sink! Since when was toothpaste superglue?

3. I hate bins in Summer. Even a teabag smells like a dead rat.

4. Unloading the dishwasher is such an effort.

5. Mugs. Where are the mugs? I need tea.

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