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Fitness / Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

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It comes as no surprise seeing as may as well get the award for biggest party girl in Essex – sarcasm – that on average I buy three books a month so I can spend my nights reading up on how to conquer the world. Fiction books have never appealed to me in comparison to auto-biography’s and history books for some reason and last month I worked my way through these four beauties.

In My Shoes is a book all about the founder of Jimmy Choo. These books always inspire me to work hard and aim big which is why I think I enjoy them so much. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend reading this at night, because I warn you now, you will want to get shit done.

Even though I picked up Not That kind of Girl in October last year I didn’t get around to reading it until recently. Lena Dunham’s writing and stories sooth all your teenage regret and anxiety so you can; sit back, laugh at yourself and learn a few life lessons.

Yes Please is just like Not That Kind of Girl filled with stories about work, sex, relationships and children. Once again, there is nothing like seeing the positive in a bad situation.

Deliciously Ella is the best cookbook on the market and after reading and referring to this book like it’s a bible, I have enough raw, free-from products in my fridge to keep me going til Summer and I’ve already invited my friends round for a dinner party.



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