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Fashion & Outfits, Fitness / Monday, May 30th, 2016

I have been a New Look Fan girl for quite a while, in fact since I was about 16 when I could actually fit into their clothes. So I was shocked to find they were one of the last High-Street brands to launch their own fitness line.

Full of motivational quote Tanks, in-your-face leggings New Look’s workout range is perfect for most tweens.

However, in the collection there are some more subtle pieces I just had to purchase. My favourite being these turquoise running leggings.


With just simply detail at the bottom, these leggings are great to style for the gym, with any Tee, Bra and Trainer. I mean I always find it hard when gym clothes don’t match to feel confident in the gym – silly I know but I feel like everyone is staring.

I actually live in running leggings.  I wear them for running (obviously), cleaning, to go shopping in, to laze about it – and of course to wear when I eat too much pizza and need a little stretch. You get what I mean.

Since purchasing these leggings when the new collection launched this season, I have actually gone back and bought and extra pair *no shame* and also the rest of the running leggings in the collection.


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