Off Season Plans

Although I have not blogged since the beginning of the year properly, I have still been competing where I can. Life took a sudden turn in July (just as I started to get my mojo back for running and writing – Typical!), thus I had to spend my spare time focusing on family time rather than blogging.

With everything settling down as best as it can right now, I have started planning my off season training. 2018 will see my complete; Virgin’s London Marathon, Ride London, my first Sprint Triathlon & the Great North Run. These four events are spread out evenly enough over the course of the year to allow me to be in a consent training routine.

Virgin’s London Marathon is up first in April, so my training has already started taking place early. I have had to start from the very beginning with a couch to 5K programme following some recent health issues. I am please to report I am at the 5K stage once again, so the pre-conditioning stage has officially been completed! I am going to work up using the 5K-10K programme until the new year, before following a 12 week training programme. Of course I shall be sharing training updates along the way when things get more interesting.

I have also invested in a turbo trainer recently to allow me not only to get my miles up on the bike over winter, but keep my active on my rest days. It took a while for me to make this purchase, but when I weighed up the pros & cons it was a no-brainer to invest.

For now, as my local open water swimming lake is shut for winter, I am not focusing on my swimming fitness. Once the lake is re-open in April after the London Marathon, I shall be back swimming twice a week.

I’d love to know if you have any winter training tips to help with my marathon slog!


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