Oh Hey New Running Shoes: Brooks Addiction 12’s

Fitness / Monday, May 8th, 2017

Since returning to training I have not felt comfortable in my running shoes. I have been running in Nike Pegasus trainers since 2012 and haven’t had many problems until I started long distance running – then I got injured (I promise I will stop talking about this soon).

At first I thought it was me, but when running last week during my BRICK training I couldn’t be bothered to swap out of my old cycling trainers into my running shoes and noticed a huge difference in my style of running, time and how my running felt. It felt easier, it was quicker and more importantly it was more comfortable. I brushed the feeling aside as ‘yay my fitness is increasing again finally’ but on reflection I had a nagging urge to get my gait retested.

I headed to my local running shop which was recommended by the Southend Flyers during my lunch break explained my problems and was welcomed in for gait testing right away. It didn’t take long to notice that even in my previously tested Nike Pegasus trainer I was still over pronating and that I wasn’t doing myself any favours. I tried on four pairs by various brands and ran until I was finally happy and ended up purchasing Brooks’ Addiction 12’s which just so happened to be the first trainers I tried on!

I still need to run a little more in my Brooks Addiction 12 Running Trainers before giving a full review but so far so good!

What are your favourite running shoes?

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