Out For The Season

I think I jinxed myself last post when I mentioned that I was finally fully prepared for a race because BOOM, I am now out for the season!

Without going into to much detail (I’ve shared some more details on Insta if you really feel the need to be nosey) I was rushed into emergancy surgrey with internal bleeding that posed a huge risk, which means I am now on bed rest for the next 2 weeks and can’t even think about any activity ¬†other than walking for at least 4-6 weeks.

Part of me is truley gutted that I wont be able to complete all London Classics this year and compete in some amazing events that I have signed up for over Summer, but to be honest I am more grateful that I am still alive and working (ISH).

My plan for the next few weeks is to of course rest, but look at ways to introduce myself back into Triathlon sports slowly without posing any threats as I am still at risk for kidney damage. At the moment I haven’t cancelled my Swim Serpentine place for late September as I am hoping the pool might be my savour as it is less stressful on the body than running or cycling, so it could be my first event back, but for now we will take it day by day as I am not going to push myself too far too quickly.

As you can tell there isn’t much purpose to this blog post other than to update those of you following me through my London Classic Challenges. At least those of you who are interested in Triathlons & Marathon running who arent sure where to start can now join me from the start when I can get back on the road.


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