HARP 24 Running Festival 2018

Fitness, Race Reviews, Running

So I know that I was meant to put up a post prior to my race at the weekend but life got in the way, so apologies. I will however pop up more content in the next few weeks as I have a break from races for three weeks. This weekend was the annual HARP […]

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Adidas City Runs 1hr Challenge

Fitness, Race Reviews

I feel like at the moment all I am doing is writing Race recaps, however when I looked at my training diary I realised every Sunday’s run at the moment is a race! Have no fear because I get three weeks off soon so you’ll find out a little more about my training for Ride […]

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Henley Sprint Triathlon

Fitness, Race Reviews, Triathlons

On Sunday I took part in my second Sprint Triathlon in Henley-on-Thames and absolutely loved it! We drove up on Sunday morning, of course stopping off at McDonald’s for some breakfast (not recommended pre-race fuel) and plodded along the motorway for two hours until we reached Henley. The plan to originally stay up in Henley, […]

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Tips For Decorating When You Have Fuck All Time Spare


I love DIY and decorating but seem to never actually have time to get down and dirty with all of my other commitments. When I finished decorating my house in Summer after having 3 days off, I moved my attention onto Lloyd and Emily’s flat like an addict needing to find their next fix (Lloyd doesn’t […]

8th January 2017

20SomethingRuns: Marathon Training Update #5

Fitness, Lifestyle, Updates

Last weeks Marathon training update wasn’t forgotten – it just didn’t happen. This wasn’t because of Christmas (okay, I took one day off to play with presents from Santa) – it was because I unfortunately came down with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning which left me attached to my bed and the bathroom. I will not divulge any […]

6th January 2017

My Back To Work Skincare Treats

Beauty & Make-Up

Originally when I planned this blog post, it was going to be all about what makeup I was slapping on my face in the New Year heading back to work. However, in light of my new years resolution to cut make-up out of my life and love what mother nature gave me, there is no […]

4th January 2017

3 Resolutions To Help Me Achieve My Goals In 2017


Two Thousand and Seventeen is here, and we all know that means everyone is about to clog up the gym trying to kick their bad habits – and fair play to them! I am always setting myself goals to achieve throughout the year, however I too jump on the badwagon and set New Year resolutions. […]

2nd January 2017

#20somethingruns: 110.5 miles 2016 recap

Fitness, Updates

Running has become a huge part of my life over the past year, and I can finally hold my hands up and say I’ve found something special in this hobby. I’ve decided for today’s post to just post a photo diary recap of what I have achieved this year. Taking the perfect post race selfie […]

31st December 2016

Christmas Holiday Traditions


We all have that one thing that marks the start of Christmas for us. It could be buying an advent calendar; going out shopping with your mum or best friend on November payday or just seeing the infamous Coca-Cola advert. For me the latter usually seems to hit the nail on the head, as for […]

24th December 2016

#20SomethingRuns: Marathon Update #3

Fitness, Updates

Marathon update time!! These weekly updates are really helping to highlight the improvement I am making and consequently motivating me to do better. I have decided that these will now go live just before the weekend on Thursday/Fridays, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. This week has been all about working through delayed […]

18th December 2016

Top 5 Free Calender’s for 2017!

Advice, Lifestyle

I love a free printable! What I love even more is free piniterest-worthy printable calendars. I can not explain how much I love to organise and plan my day, week, month and year. As it stands at the moment I have: – A one-week per page handbag sized diary. – A one-day per page A5 […]

14th December 2016