Do The Unthinkable Meal Prep Review


Disclaimer I was provided with one week of Muscle Food‘s Do The Unthinkable meal prep plan, which included a DVD and a 90-day calendar in return for an honest review. As a thank you Muscle Food have offered my readers a £5 discount off orders using the code 20something5 The links included in this review are affiliate […]

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Lets Talk About Cankles

Advice, Fitness

Cankle noun a woman’s fat or swollen ankle whose flesh merges unattractively with that of the calf. Until quite recently I have always had Cankles. Unlike some people who develop medical problems which cause swelling around the ankles, my cankles were inherited from my beloved Grandma’s & Mum and until today were my biggest insecurity. I‘ve always wanted to be one of those girls that could wear ankle boots with dresses but not once had the confidence to do so as boots would either cut in, or just look stupid. However not long ago […]

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Swim Serpentine 2018 Training

Fitness, Swimming, Updates

So much for my regular updates hey! Following my previous post many moons ago where I started dabbling in small workouts; I have since gone back to work full time and – I am happy to say- got back to training with a lot more oomph. For the past two weeks I have been jumping […]

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Getting Back To It 1 Week Post Laparoscopy


Following my surgery I was told to take 2 weeks off any form of exercise, yet I couldn’t help myself – whoops. For someone who was training 6 days a week regularly, stopping everything (even if you are in pain) is bloody hard as you start feeling lost. That being said, I would not have […]

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6 Things I Want To Acommplish Before 2016 Is Up


Last night I laid awake thinking (and watching YouTube) about all the things I still haven’t accomplished. Stupid, I know. However, I now have six ‘goals’ I am striving to achieve just before I kiss my way into 2017 with a whole new action plan. Have at least 2 Marathons booked for 2017. I already have […]

14th October 2016

5 Cheap Easy Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home.


When I moved into my house I wanted to get it fixed and looking glam the day I moved in because I was super proud. However, nearly a six months in and I’ve only just made decent progress. It’s easy to see the big picture, but it isn’t always achievable because you’ve got that blasted mortgage over […]

4th October 2016

Covering your Tattoos for Photo’s

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up

I thought it was about time I spoke about something beauty and makeup related for a change as I have seemed to have drifted from this path a lot lately. Last Friday I was sitting down with Jenny nattering about life, makeup and weddings – particularly how so many women try to cover up their […]

26th September 2016

6 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Bra

Advice, Fitness

I have always seen my small cleavage as my biggest weakness. This sounds silly, yes, but the media these days makes us feel inadequate if we don’t have a rack like Kim K. Since I started actively practising self-love (that sounds more raunchy then it really is) I have learnt to get over the fact […]

23rd September 2016

5 things you need to know from LFW SS17

Fashion & Outfits

Unless you have been living under a social media rock, you would know that London Fashion Week has been going on over the weekend. Every season hundreds of buyers and bloggers head into London to get their geek on and be nosey. Finding out what’s in store next season helps everyone prepare online stores and content a few […]

20th September 2016

How To Revamp Your CV

Advice, Career

Our world as Twenty something’s revolves around money. We want to: move out, buy a house, get a new car, travel the world, go on holiday, buy clothes our parents disapprove off, go out with the girls every weekend, and settle down with our other halves. So when we get made redundant, or hand in our notice without thinking, […]

19th September 2016

It’s National Step Parent Day!!


Step families are becoming increasingly common nationwide, which is why National Step Family Day became a ‘thing’. I’ve been cinderella before (once a princess always a princess); Had the jealous step-mother who didn’t want me around, treated me like I wasn’t important and did everything in her power to make me feel like the ugly duckling. […]

16th September 2016