Over To The Dark Side

Anyway, so when I was lurking around in Southend town centre, of course I had to go see the new Dark Side of Nude collection by Topshop. Feeling cheeky I picked 2 polishes out. I absolutely love the Topshop make-up brand, I believe that it is great quality for money, especially for nail polish with […]

Eating Yourself Beautiful

Even though I have a pretty complex skincare routine, my skin is still prone to blemishes. This is down to my diet, being busy opening my new business I have not been eating as much fruit and veg, leaving me looking dull. In a mission to get my skin looking fabulous before my two weeks […]

Lush Lilets

 *PR Photo I know this is a-bit of a weird post and most likely awkward to read, but being a women I feel these product that every women needs at some point or another. I know I do have some young readers, yet my main aim is to show you the new products from Lil-Lets […]

Whats In My Bag #1

  After I took part in the Glossy box competition a few months ago for show me your bag I have become obsessed. I know there is a YouTube Tag, however by bag changes so often in contents I thought I’d keep you update via pictures for now. I don’t tend to keep a lot […]

Blast Me Redken!

Redken recently launched their texture line, starring structure wax 17 and my personal favourite Wax Blast 10 high impact wax spray.   At first I was really weary of this product because like most people I had tried wax sprays before and they were rubbish, well this one is a different story. I find that […]

Wake Me Up Concealor

I bought this product months and months ago just after it was released in the UK. I do love Rimmel Cosmetics as a brand but I waited before trying out this product because I tend to find concealers never work for me, however with some good reviews behind it I finally tried it. Claiming to give […]

Remember Your Hands

    So, winter is in full bloom which means the beauty regime has changed and you’re doing everything you can to protect your skin. Noones wants cracked lips and dull skin do they?   During winter you also need to make sure your protect your hands. Its something most of use, including me forget […]

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