Glamour Daze I’m In A Haze

      This collection will not be in UK store until November. I think this is an amazing collection and I’m totally in love with the nail polishes. I’m cannot take credit for these photos they were found on the internet, however, this is the complete collection and I will update with swatches when it […]

Book Review #1

  Not only do I love beauty in all its well known glory, I also have an extreme passion for reading. It never used to be like that when I was younger, I can assure you. I picked up ‘Taming the Beast’ by Emily Maguire during one of my bookstore browsing, and ultimately my last […]

Going To A Wonderball ?

Left to right: Jack Frost, Southern Lights, Snow Flake, Northern Lights, Blizzard, 3 in 1 Base Coat + Top Coat I just saw these in store and I had to blog about them immediately. I have now ordered the complete set online, just because you get the freebie top coat. (Can’t miss out on a […]

Ways To Use Loose Pigments

Make-Up pigments are the most versatile product in your make-up kit. Now, with a little creativity, a blank canvas and a lot of patience (this part never works for me) you can manipulate these loose shadows to achieve any look and effect you desire. Nail Polish: To create this look you need to mix any […]

Give A Kate Moss Kiss

The Kate Moss lipstick collection is not new news for the beauty world. I have always been a huge fan of Rimmel lipsticks because of the great quality and low price. The Kate Moss collection, like all Rimmel lipsticks has amazing pigmentation and great colour pay off. The range of colours within this collection now, […]

Halloween Must Have Beauty Items

It’s that time of the year again where you need to get artistic and creepy. Creating makeup effects is similar to cooking, there is a method. Now, this method can change person to person but everyone has to practise and start somewhere, right? These three items, plus maybe some creepy eye shadow to create bruising […]


Collection 2000, no7 Green with Envy.    Today’s nails are fairly simple because I’m having one of those lazy days. This polish was a bargain pick up, and although I’m not a huge fan of collection 2000 nail polish, this colour was to lovely to not buy. When applying this polish I was rather surprised at the applicator, the wide brush meant that I […]

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