Do The Unthinkable Meal Prep Review


Disclaimer I was provided with one week of Muscle Food‘s Do The Unthinkable meal prep plan, which included a DVD and a 90-day calendar in return for an honest review. As a thank you Muscle Food have offered my readers a £5 discount off orders using the code 20something5 The links included in this review are affiliate […]

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Lets Talk About Cankles

Advice, Fitness

Cankle noun a woman’s fat or swollen ankle whose flesh merges unattractively with that of the calf. Until quite recently I have always had Cankles. Unlike some people who develop medical problems which cause swelling around the ankles, my cankles were inherited from my beloved Grandma’s & Mum and until today were my biggest insecurity. I‘ve always wanted to be one of those girls that could wear ankle boots with dresses but not once had the confidence to do so as boots would either cut in, or just look stupid. However not long ago […]

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Swim Serpentine 2018 Training

Fitness, Swimming, Updates

So much for my regular updates hey! Following my previous post many moons ago where I started dabbling in small workouts; I have since gone back to work full time and – I am happy to say- got back to training with a lot more oomph. For the past two weeks I have been jumping […]

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Getting Back To It 1 Week Post Laparoscopy


Following my surgery I was told to take 2 weeks off any form of exercise, yet I couldn’t help myself – whoops. For someone who was training 6 days a week regularly, stopping everything (even if you are in pain) is bloody hard as you start feeling lost. That being said, I would not have […]

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My 1st Sephora Haul & Shopping Experience

Beauty & Make-Up, Travel

If I am analysing my blogging stats correctly, most of you reading this post would have already been to Sephora multiple times and repurchased X, Y and Z. But me; 20 something, make-up loving, blog fanatic,  Make-up Artist me, has never been. Until today. The family and I were taking a stroll through Cartagena – […]

15th August 2016

Unfit Essex Girl vs Bear Grylls

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Remember when I did my first Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research? Well, shortly after said event, I signed up (without thinking) to Cancer Research & SU2C’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Race. Try and say that when you’ve had a drink. I still think it’s a good idea as I love a good challenge, […]

12th August 2016

London Southend Airport

Fashion & Outfits, Travel

When you travel you have to be comfortable, so god only knows why I am wearing brand new shoes right now. The rest of the outfit is perfect. I am off to the south of Spain with Lloyd and his family for a week of sun, sun, sun, and hopefully a few pizzas. I cannot […]

9th August 2016

Sunday Musings.


This weekend has been a little lack lustre in a perfect kind of way. Does that even make sense? I haven’t blogged in a while – stating the obvious I know- however, being an adult has just got in the way. My days are turning into nights before I’ve even had my second cup of […]

7th August 2016

#20somethingruns: My First Colour Run


I feel like I have been away for donkey’s years but I have had so much going on with the other half buying a house and my operation I have just not had a moment to myself. Thus, I am going to ease myself back in lightly to this whole malarkey by sharing with you […]

4th July 2016

New Matte Lipsticks by Revlon!

Beauty & Make-Up

They have finally launched in the UK!! I first saw these on the Revlon Instagram last year when they first launched in the US and fell in love. I mean how couldn’t you? Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (that’s a mouthful) are available in six shades – hopefully this will extend sooner rather than later […]

21st June 2016

Save Money With A Capsule Work Wardrobe

Career, Lifestyle

When you live on your own you seem to have to make a whole load of scarifies to keep one foot infront of the other. Less nights out. Less eating out. ALOT less shopping. You get the idea, and I am sure understand too. Therefore, when I moved out I cut all of these out […]

20th June 2016

My New Tattoo & Hold Ups

Beauty & Make-Up

Its true what they say… Once you have one tattoo, you’ll be addicted. Last month I managed to grab a cancellation appointment with Sofie at low tide tattoos to have another piece added. Seeing as it took me two years to decide and design my first tattoo, it was a little bit of a shock […]

18th June 2016

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated At Work

Career, Lifestyle

It can sometimes be hard when on average a person can only focus for 90 minutes at a time, to sit in front of a PC screen for eight hours, five days a week. I mean how do you stay motivated to keep going? Sometimes I quick walk around the office does the trick, however […]

16th June 2016

My First E3 Verdict


The bulk of E3 is finally over and after a few late nights (okay I fell asleep half the time and had to catch up), I can actually say I rather enjoyed my first ever E3 experience. With the hype built up by Lloyd, we went into our four days off with enough junk food […]

15th June 2016