What I Learnt At The Photography Show 2016

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness / Friday, April 1st, 2016

Daddy Daughter days are some what far and few between since I have moved out, my little brother’s have come along and the business is going in the right direction; so when Dad booked two tickets to The Photography Show 2016 for my birthday I couldn’t have been happier. Lens’, camera’s and my dad. Perfect.

Although it started with a bloody early morning (because I don’t listen to instructions) the day and show itself seemed to whizz by. Of course it was mainly aimed at professional photographers who are trying to make ends meet by pointing their camera in the right direction, but there was enough stuff for us a matures to keep us busy.


So here’s what I learnt:

  • Drones are still as awesome as they ever were.
  • I mustn’t leave without a Drone.
  • Lightroom is so underrated.
  • I shouldn’t rely on Photoshop for everything when you can capture most of it in the camera.
  • Manual mode isn’t so scary and I should venture from aperture mode more often.
  • The more ‘mess’ when photographing food the better.
  • Flat-lays are here to stay. YAY!
  • A lot can be done with an 18-200mm lens.
  • Don’t just zoom, get involved.
  • The Cannon EOS-M3 will be my next camera along with a Sigma Macro Lens.

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