Putting My Best Foot Forward

Fitness, Lifestyle / Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Six weeks since making my decision to pull out of the London Marathon following professional advice I am finally starting to introduce running back into my fitness routine with a new goal in mind –  I will run a sub two hour half-marathon in 2017, ideally in my home town, 11 weeks from now. My marathon dreams may be over for one year, but London had better be ready for me next year as I am determined to run such an iconic event for an amazing charity.

Coming back from injury isn’t easy at all and I’m sure at least 70% of the problem is in my head. The other 30%, however, is a mixture of getting my cardio-respiratory fitness back up to the level it was pre-injury and avoiding too much impact and/or stress on my foot that can send me backwards.

With eleven weeks to go until Havens Southend Half-Marathon my training officially began last Monday with a 3 mile run clocking just over 40 minutes. Nowhere near the 9 or 10 min mile I need to aim for but the pace was just right to avoid any pain in my right foot which to me is an achievement in itself.

I will be following my trusty Women’s Running training plan which scored me a 2:15 finish at Windsor Half Marathon this year, which followed three runs a week and adding hill & speed sessions. All of this is followed up by daily foam rolling and even if I don’t get my PB in 11 weeks I am over the moon to be back running again and stoked to run Southend Half-Marathon in front of my family and friends.

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