Race For Life Southend 2018

Race Reviews, Running / Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Another year, another Race For Life.

I have been running Race For Life now for three years and it still gets me all emotional when I see how many pople take part to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This year I managed to peruade my best friend Amber and her Mum to sign up as I got a discount code for free entry emailed to me (nothing special I think everyone did) a few weeks before the race. I was so happy to be sharing this experience with my near and dear as they dont usually tend to join in in these kind of things.

Race Day came and I got my pack out of my safe spot where all my race instructions lay and pulled everything out. It wasnt until then that I remembered that this year I get to run for someone other than my Nan. This obviosuly isnt ideal at all, however, it reminded me once again why I signed up and why I have to give my all. My brother along with thosands of other cancer paitents rely on our fundrasing to save their lives.

I met Amber and Paula on site as me being me didn’t get up early enough to enjoy the pre-race festivities. Yet, our pre-race chat didn’t last to long because before we knew it, it was time to warm up (always a laugh!) and get into our pens and so we were split up.

I didn’t see them again until I was just about to start my second lap where they cheered me on and told me to keep going. I also managed to spot them just before I finished.

I ended up run/walking the race due to chest pains yet still managed to keep my average miniute mile under target. With 200 meters to the finish line I honestly wanted to just plod along however a girl running with her sausage dog started to overtake me. I knew then it was game on. No way was I letting a sausage dog beat me because I just couldnt be bothered to push myself. So off I went sprinting to the finish line – safely overtaking the dog – and finished 33:02 Minutes.

The minute I crossed the line I threw up my breakfast everywhere but that’s neither here nore there now because I had a medal and I hadn’t been shown up by a dog.

Sol was waiting at the line for me to finish and I can still remember how shocked he looked when he saw me bent over gasping for air trying not to be sick again. If I could have, I totally would have taken a photo!

Amber and her Mum were just starting their second lap when I crossed the line so I knew I had time to call down; grab an ice cream and still have enough time to make it to the finish line before to cheer before they crossed. It was lovely being able to do this for someone else, so much so I am more determined to work on my speed so I can cheer people on at every race.

The girls finished in just under an hour and still showhow had smiles on their face! Will I be able to get them to do it again, who knows, but I’m definatley going to try!



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