Rochford 10k Race Recap

Race Reviews, Running / Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

It feels like it has been such a long time since I have sat down and written a race recap. Was London really that long ago?

After having a 3 weeks off to rest my legs after the London Marathon, I signed up to Rochford Running Club’s 10K. I had been rather nervous to get back out on the road so knew the only way I’d get my arse into gear again for the season was to just get out there and get a medal. I made the most out of the fact this race was local and was relying on the support of my running club and family when they saw me lagging.

The trail was mixed terrain throughout which made it hard to get into a rhythm but offered a peaceful and very scenic route to enjoy.

The race started out at Ashingdon School heading out towards the sea wall which meant the first 2 miles where along country roads. I picked up a nice pace during this time and was surprised that my body felt so fresh and running felt easy.

When it was time to head out along the sea wall around 2 1/2 miles in, the path became more unreliable underfoot. I decided to slow down and start focusing more on where my foot was going to land to avoid rolling my ankle than my speed. By this point I was near the back of the pack and could see my fellow club runners heading back to base but I honestly couldn’t of cared less. I was so happy to be running again and without any pain or cramp nothing would have killed my buzz. Plus my team mates were calling out my name from up above which put a smile on my face.

The home stretch back to camp (aka Ashingdon School)  went by so quickly. I started chatting to fellow slow runners about their lives and opinion of the really long grass we were currently treading through. Before I knew it I was 1 mile from the finish, and I was once again back on the country road. My body automatically stepped it up a notch and got back into a natural more speedy rhythm.

Just before you head into the school grounds you are faced with a rather steep hill. I knew my other half was waiting at the finish line for me and I wanted to save my energy for a sprint finish so power walked up the hill with marshals encouraging me every 100 yards to keep going.

It was so thrilling to sprint to the finish line – something I didn’t have the energy to do at London – that I was gutted I had finished the race and couldn’t do it all again for another week.

It’s safe to say that my post Marathon blue are over, and my mojo is back!

I am gutted that there was no medal for this race, in hindsight I don’t think I would of signed up if I had known. But, as this race isn’t well supported by the public due to its location, I had time to reflect and remember that there is a lot more to running than the pain a marathon can cause.

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