Seven things I hate about cooking

Fitness, Food & Recipes / Saturday, June 20th, 2015


When I used to say I loved cooking, I never really took into consideration that cooking because I wanted to create a new dish or a great batch of Cookies was nothing in comparison to cooking three meals a day (and the odd one for my friends along the way).

Although fending for myself hasn’t stopped my fire to find new ways to eat Vegetables, I have started to find small tasks rather annoying. For example:

  1. Why does the washing up not do itself? Or, at least why can’t I figure out how to turn on my Dishwasher – it can’t be rocket science.

I mean how much mess can one-person make? But, that’s just the beginning. There are a million and one things that bug me, but for now here’s seven.

  1. No matter how many sharp knives you own, there never seems to be enough around when you need them.
  2. Crumbs get everywhere. Everywhere! So much so I am sure I have some in every room of my house just from cutting a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake.
  3. When you move out, everything takes three times longer to cook just because you don’t think ahead; instead, you wait until you’re hungry to start cooking.
  4. You find yourself prepping the same meal day after day.
  5. The smell of fried Onions never leaves your house.
  6. Even when you think you’ve cleaned up everything, you still find a splodge of Ketchup afterwards.

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