More innovative than ever, the Long Sleeve Dryrobe Advance Medium from Dryrobe will dry you off after a chilly swim in open water faster and in more comfort than you’ve experienced before.

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On its own, the Dryrobe is spilling over with innovation. Now the advanced version is here to blow its older brother out of the water! The long sleeve Dryrobe Advance is perfect to keep handy when swimming in open water, as the intense warmth of the wool makes it perfect to dry you off in warmth and comfort, and its big enough to get changed in quickly and easily. Its waterproof and windproof outer fabric adds extra protection, meaning you can get out of your wetsuit, swim or tri kit without being lashed by the horrors of windchill.

Unlike larger towels that you may have used before, the absorbing nature of the Dryrobe means it won’t get soggy or saturated after use, which means you can use it multiple times on the same day without ever being made to feel cold or wet. Not only that, but it’s made from an astonishingly light blend of fabrics, so it can easily be squashed down into a bag or carried easily without being a pain.

With this much effective innovation and practicality, isn’t time you welcomed the Dryrobe into your life?


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