Zoot Wetsuit

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Flexibility and flotation, the Wahine 1 is part of the 2017 series of wetsuits from Zoot. Designed, tested and built to give swimmers their strongest and most powerful swim in their wetsuit.



Zoot’s obsession with finding the best balance of flexibility and flotation began in 2007 with the birth of the Zenith WetZoot. The Wikiwiki, Wave and Wahine series has the perfect balance of flexibility and flotation.

For the best relationship between the swimmers body and the water, they’ve used the latest technology to perfect stroke. Body roll, body position and overall hydrodynamics.

Zoot strive to help swimmers have their strongest and most powerful swim in their wetsuits.

All of Zoots wetsuits are constructed of premium 100% Yamato neoprene, the Wikiwiki neoprene profile is Yamamoto #40 FLEXlift Yamamoto SCS Aerodome FLEXskin 0.5 and finished with a hydrodynamic finish.

All of Zoot’s wetsuits also feature AQUAlift buoyancy panels which raise the swimmers legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed


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