Swim Serpentine 2018 Training

So much for my regular updates hey!

Following my previous post many moons ago where I started dabbling in small workouts; I have since gone back to work full time and – I am happy to say- got back to training with a lot more oomph.

For the past two weeks I have been jumping head first into the pool three times a week working hard to finally getting my distance up to 100 lengths (1 and 1/2 miles) ahead of Swim Serpentine in September and I am absolutely loving it!


My training split keeps everything varied enough so that I don’t get bored and seems to be working wonders for my Vo2 Max.

Tuesday I tackled speed, Thursday’s strength & Weekends – you guessed it – distance.

It’s a simple enough plan to follow so I never get confused and have the flexibility to swap around my workouts if needs be. As always I have popped my training plan, for events such as Swim Serpentine and other challenges, up on my shop for you to download.

The only issue I am currently struggling with it nutrition & fuel. Unlike other disciplines such as running, I can’t just whip out some Tangtastics for a sugar rush because I’ve got nowhere to store them. Thus, I am currently trawling through the internet for tips and products that will see me through. So if you know of anyone who has tackled an event like this before and can help a girl out, please leave a comment.

With only another 20 lengths to tackle before race day, I believe once again I am actually prepared to take on an event!

Fingers crossed I make it to the start line in one piece.

If you fancy taking on the Swim Serpentine challenge or simply want to know more information about the London Classics event please visit their website here.


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