6 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated At Work

Career, Lifestyle

It can sometimes be hard when on average a person can only focus for 90 minutes at a time, to sit in front of a PC screen for eight hours, five days a week. I mean how do you stay motivated to keep going? Sometimes I quick walk around the office does the trick, however […]

16th June 2016

What I Eat in a Week


This week I started my bikini prep diet. I never knew how much time counting out your macros, weighing every single ingredient could actually take. I salute everyone who does this full time – you go girls! Although I have been prepping and trying to be creative, If I am honest I am already bored […]

10th June 2016

The Best Bloggers on Snapchat

Advice, Beauty & Make-Up, Fitness

Snapchat has blossomed from an app you used to send ugly pictures to your best mates on to something we now use to communicate to one another, instant message on and show others the more personal side to our life. Bloggers of course have used this to their benefit to gain more traffic, offer sneak […]

2nd June 2016

New Look Workout Clothes

Fashion & Outfits, Fitness

I have been a New Look Fan girl for quite a while, in fact since I was about 16 when I could actually fit into their clothes. So I was shocked to find they were one of the last High-Street brands to launch their own fitness line. Full of motivational quote Tanks, in-your-face leggings New […]

30th May 2016

6 Lessons I Learnt At Yoga Camp

Lifestyle, travel, Travel

Last month get away really was a learning curve for me. Being able to take time out and work on myself and my current problems at the time was something I would recommend over and over again to everyone. Of course a Yoga retreat isn’t going to be for everyone, but being able to use […]

10th March 2016

7 Ways Coffee Benefit’s 20 Somethings


Coffee is something I have only really discovered, or even started to drink on a regular basis since the ye ole sickness made me stray away from English Tea. Since then I haven’t just found myself making a coffee when I’m up and about, but I have started to crave and even go out of […]

28th January 2016

What I’m Watching on YouTube


My YouTube taste has not only changed in recent months but the quantity of videos I am watching has also sky rocketed. I am pretty sure that on average I am now watching about 3 hours of YouTube a day simply because when I wake up at 2am and can’t get back to sleep it […]

26th January 2016

The Best Lessons I’ve Learnt This Year

Advice, Fitness

Is it cliché that I am already sitting here thinking about what kind of year 2015 has been for me? I know, I apologize already. I feel like for the past 365  days all I have done is ‘exist’ and ‘live’; I haven’t strived for much, or achieved a whole lot more simply because I decided […]

29th December 2015

8 Things I Am Looking Forward Too.

Advice, Fitness

First things first…HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY, HOLIDAY. I am heading to Greece in 1 week 3 days and I couldn’t be any happier. This is a much-needed break, in a beautiful country I’ve never been too, that’s worthy of a million photos with the guy I’m head over heels for. Sorry,not sorry. I ordered myself a new […]

19th September 2015


Fitness, Travel

Yes, you read that right – and I didn’t even have to wear workout clothes! I am always trying to make small, but important lifestyle changes to keep me active since swapping over to an office job lifestyle.  There are a million and one ways to make sure you keep active (I’m sure I can […]

22nd July 2015