3 Resolutions To Help Me Achieve My Goals In 2017


Two Thousand and Seventeen is here, and we all know that means everyone is about to clog up the gym trying to kick their bad habits – and fair play to them! I am always setting myself goals to achieve throughout the year, however I too jump on the badwagon and set New Year resolutions. […]

2nd January 2017

How To Effectively Pay Off Your Credit Quickly & Save!


Credit cards and store credit seem perfect in the moment but six; seven, eight months down the line when you’re trying to pay everything off quickly so you can focus your money elsewhere, i.e Christmas, they become a pain in the arse. Paying credit off can be easy to achieve even on a low-income. However, you […]

18th October 2016

6 Things I Want To Acommplish Before 2016 Is Up


Last night I laid awake thinking (and watching YouTube) about all the things I still haven’t accomplished. Stupid, I know. However, I now have six ‘goals’ I am striving to achieve just before I kiss my way into 2017 with a whole new action plan. Have at least 2 Marathons booked for 2017. I already have […]

14th October 2016

5 Ways To Cut Down Your Expenses


One thing I panicked about when I first moved out was money. Would I be able to afford to live? Will I still be able to go out? You know how it is… Anyway I managed to cut all my expenses down to £300 a month, which is perfect for living alone and still being […]

3rd June 2016

5 Benefits of Creating A Capsule Wardrobe


Minimalism. It’s seems to be that new ‘hippie’ trend that everyone is jumping on board with. My self included I suppose, because if I hadn’t heard about it through YouTube I would have never gone to Waterstones and picked up the Suffocation book that changed everything. The most ‘popular’ aspect of minimalism (purely because it […]

1st June 2016

All My Money Goes On Food


Over the past month I have accumulated a number of receipts for food. Going from buying myself lunch everyday, to whipping up three meals has become a huge drain on my bank account. Since when was a weekly shop so expensive? Girl One: I spend about £70 just on my snacks for work and eating […]

21st June 2015

Ten Amazing Products Under £10

Beauty & Make-Up

We all love a good bargain, me included and there is nothing more satisfy then finding a great product. So here are my top 10 drugstore finds which knocked my socks off and I recommend you try out next time you’re in your local pharmacy’s. 1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 2. Biotonics Face Brush 3. […]

10th August 2013