Fitness, Running

Holy cow its only two weeks until the London Marathon! I am absolutely crapping myself about this race as I pasted the point of not being prepared a long time ago. That being said I am going to give it my god damn all and still complete the race even if its in 7 hours […]

7th April 2018

The Makeup Bag: Birthday Edition

Beauty & Make-Up

I pop me down with a cup of tea and a book and I’m your Gal, give me heels & I don’t know what to do. I am always on a mission to de-clutter my handbag and find all those bobby pins laying at the bottom. This Miss Selfridges clutch bag has been a night […]

12th February 2015

The Edit: Back To School Makeup Essentials

Beauty & Make-Up

With a sea of makeup at the drugstore, teenagers nowadays are covering themselves in layers of foundation and various other products the industry tells them they must wear. However, all they need is a few basic products to get them through the day. I am not going to sit hear and preach that young girls […]

4th September 2014

The Edit: The Emergency Rimmel London Haul

Beauty & Make-Up

It isn’t like me to forget anything. Okay that might be stretching the truth a little bit (my phone chargers run away from me, I don’t loose them), but where my makeup bag is concerned I don’t leave the house without it. In a short visit home this weekend, I left my makeup bag at […]

16th June 2014

Autumn Winter 2013: Grunge Punk

Beauty & Make-Up

This has to be my favourite look for Autumn Winter as it sums me up in a nutshell, I am far from girly despite the title of a Make-Up Artist and I would opt for heavy eyeliner over a natural look any day. The Spring Summer focus on lower lash liner is staying for Autumn […]

15th August 2013

The Lipstick Tag

Beauty & Make-Up

For years I have been screaming about how I’m not a lipstick girl all into my nail polishes, but deep down I’ve been craving the perfect shade for year. When 2013 came round the corner I ditched the obsessive buying on Nail Polish for lipsticks to start building up my perfect collection yes guys I’m […]

7th June 2013