How To Train Your Dog To Run

Fitness, Lifestyle

Dogs love to get outside and run off energy round the park, so they make great running partners. My Husky loves to run alongside me every morning, and now he is in the routine I’ve never got the option to slack. The problem is that most dogs are not ready to run long distances from […]

6th November 2017

Off Season Plans


Although I have not blogged since the beginning of the year properly, I have still been competing where I can. Life took a sudden turn in July (just as I started to get my mojo back for running and writing – Typical!), thus I had to spend my spare time focusing on family time rather than blogging. With everything settling down […]

3rd November 2017

Brick Workouts Make You Feel AWESOME!


They may leave you drained, sweaty and contemplating never doing a triathlon but BRICK workouts in the long run make you feel awesome! First off, let me explain what a BRICK workout is. A brick workout refers to the stacking of two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal to no […]

3rd May 2017

Putting My Best Foot Forward

Fitness, Lifestyle

Six weeks since making my decision to pull out of the London Marathon following professional advice I am finally starting to introduce running back into my fitness routine with a new goal in mind –  I will run a sub two hour half-marathon in 2017, ideally in my home town, 11 weeks from now. My marathon dreams […]

25th April 2017

#20SomethingRuns: Week 2 Marathon Training

Fitness, Lifestyle

I can’t believe another week has gone by and I’m already sitting here writing about running once again. This week has been fun – with my tonsillitis under control I’ve been able to turn up the training a notch with 5k runs during the week. If you wish to know how Sundays race went head […]

12th December 2016

#20SomethingRuns: 10 Thoughts I Have When Running


Running is becoming a huge part of my life. Whether I am stressed; upset, training or simply just craving the great outdoors, lacing up my running shoes and heading outdoors still gives me butterflies. Long runs are perfect for practicing mindlessness and reflection. However, when I’m not trying to find my inner Buddha here is what […]

11th November 2016

#20somethingruns VIRGIN’S LONDON MARATHON!


eeeeeee!!! I am so excited to share this post today as this is something I have been dreaming off since my pre hip injury days 4 years ago. Yesterday I finally got the call from Cardiomyopathy UK that I was able to take a charity place in the London Marathon 2017! I was ecstatic dancing round […]

20th October 2016

How To Prepare For An Obstacle Race


I have been training for my third obstacle race for around a month now, but with under six weeks left till the big day, I’ve stepped up my training ALOT and focused on nothing else in my spare time. Obstacle races have become a huge thing in the UK, with more and more people entering each […]

8th September 2016

Mule Energy Bars

Fitness, Food & Recipes

When I am running along the beach or burning off my breakfast at the gym, I prefer to eat something solid to get my energy back up rather than gel shots. There are a lot of energy bars for runner’s and sportsmen alike, but most cater for our sweet tooth’s with high calories. When Mule Energy […]

8th November 2014

I DID IT!!!! My First Race

Beauty & Make-Up

A huge thank-you to my Dad for his continual support (I can’t thank him enough but I won’t tell him in person) and his photography so I could capture my first event. Also I was over the moon that my Nan and Luke could come along and cheer me over the finish line. I am […]

15th June 2014