Many of us adopt the attitude that we don’t need to make new friends because we haven’t got time, or the ones we have are enough.  Yet, we spend all our time and effort trying to find someone to be in a relationship with.

Does this make any sense? No.

How can you not have time to make friends, but have all the time in the world for someone who may make you a cup of tea in the morning.

In our twenties making friends should be easy; we have everything ahead of us; a career, time, and we can drink.

Boy: I actually don’t have as many friends as I thought.

There are plenty of ways we can solve this dilemma, but the most obvious is, go look on the internet. If we can meet boyfriends; find employers, and get new jobs on the internet, why can’t we meet friends?

There are so many meetups for hobbies and lifestyles you  just google an event and go! This could be a new hobby, or something you already enjoy, either way you will meet people.

For some reason we make meeting new people seem like such a hard task when it can be so simple. So simple it could be as easy as going to a different coffee shop for lunch- give it a go.

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  1. Reading this literately sums up the last few years of my life.. It’s weird because it seems like when you’re in school everyone is in their little groups, and not many people really mixed outside their groups.. You’d think it’s get easier as we get older, I’ve realized it actually becomes harder. However if you do reach out to a possible new friend, they usually know people and you can become friends through mutual contacts.. like work, it’s usually ‘the people you know’..x

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