The Perfect Picnic

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Even though yesterday I was banging on about how you should start dressing for September in a bid to wish away Summer, today I’m talking about picnics. How contradictory. 

I love picnic’s (and BBQ’s); you tend to be surrounded by a shit-tonne of food, people you care about and, it’s always a laugh. Yesterday, Lloyd, my Dad, little Brothers & I headed down to priory park to watch Claire play in a good old bandstand concert, so of course I wanted a picnic.

This would have been the case if I hadn’t been to London with Puma first thing in the morning. However, we made the most of the local park cafe, the nappy bag and of course the post workout snacks I picked up.

A picnic basket set…
You don’t need to have a fancy picnic basket, or the best portable plate set; your favourite back pack and paper plates (or just a your fingers) do the trick.
I would also make sure to take a blanket to sit on, an umbrella as it’s bound to rain if you live in the UK and an extra bag to put your waste in.

All picnic food has to carry well, everyone will tell you that if it doesn’t fit in Tupperware it isn’t coming. Prepping dishes such as Quiche, Sandwiches and Salads – things that everyone will eat – are perfect. Throw in some fruit, maybe the odd cake and of course bottled drinks (I’ve forgotten these too many times) and you’ve got yourself a portable party.

My favourite picnic recipes are:

Yesterday, of course, we had a concert band to listen too for entertainment. But not everyone is interested in just sitting down and chilling. Take Charlie for instance: he ran around, danced and kicked a ball around. Taking a ball or a frisbee always goes down a treat with children and adults.


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