The Road to Prudential Ride London

Ride London is under a month away now and for once I am actually feeling prepared for an event!

Prudential Ride London has been nominated the best novice cycling festival in the world. Starting in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the course then takes you on a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital, before heading into Surrey’s stunning countryside. Of course the race finishes on The Mall in central London for a majestic finish.

I signed up for this event not only to prepare for my Ironman Triathlon, but also as a personal challenge to complete all three London Classics (LDN Marathon, 100 Mile Cycle & Swim Serpentine) in 2018.

The road to Ride London has been rather pleasant to say the least. I started training back in April for the event starting out with 1 hour cycles three times a week and building myself up. I now spend around 11 hours a week on my bike with the majority of miles being made up at the weekend.

For instance, this weekend I shall be completing 40 miles on Saturday and 70 Miles on Sunday which to most people would be crazy, but I am happy to say after following my training plan I find rather pleasurable. The only issue I have is I find my bum gets numb no matter how much padding I wear!

The only issue I have had during my training is the ongoing struggle with nutrition. I can quite happily cycle for 2 and 1/2 hours before feeling hungry, yet nothing I do or have tried is helping me get over the crash quick enough. Fingers crossed I can figure this out before the event otherwise it is Red Bull & Chocolate for me and a few slow miles while my body recovers.

I will be sharing snippets of my training online leading up to the race as best as possible, making the most of the new IGTV app. If you have any nutrition advice for endurance events like this (I lived on marshmallows during London Marathon) then please share them in the comments bellow as I am all ears!

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