Things I Learnt Being 20

Fitness / Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


I can’t believe I am sitting here at 2:45 am the day before my birthday reminiscing like it’s my last. I suppose it will be my last birthday in some ways; I’m officially legal in all countries, I can now teach someone to drive, start applying for a pension –  yet the start to fifty or so more. I thought it would be interesting to look back at the past year (seeing as more than enough lessons were learned) and see not only what I have learnt about myself, but the good old journey we call life. Because, lets face it, we all know I’d make an awful advice counselor but I’ve got enough stories to go around.

  • Doing what you want in work rather than what you make yourself do will be your biggest asset and what you’re most proud of.
  • Cutting people out your life is hard but sometimes you’ve just got to get your mojo back.
  • You will make new friends.
  • Break-ups  hurt.
  • However, your Dad will be there to remind you that you can still rule the world even with a broken heart.
  • That broken heart thing? Yhep… that one; it heals.
  • You will find every excuse under the sun to buy a product if it will look good on Instagram.
  • Camera’s will become an obsession.
  • So will Coke & Dr pepper but we always knew that.
  • You will now stop at every photo opportunity and take it on your DSLR, Compact DSLR & iPhone.
  • Body issues don’t disappear and you will hate your hair, face, legs – the lot.
  • If you stop worrying about every little thing your day goes much faster.
  • And if somethings meant to be it will be.
  • Don’t be a drama queen.
  • Getting your period won’t seem so bad as it used to… at least you’re not pregnant.
  • But get used to seeing scan photos, because everyone you went to school with is.
  • Nothing beats a bowl of watermelon…not even Chocolate.
  • Life is better when you can share it with someone else.
  • Your best friend will become your family.
  • Remember to compromise in all your relationships: friends, partners and work.
  • But never be a doormat.
  • Getting a spiralizer is one of the best things that could have happen to you.
  • You may have to give up running, but you’ll find weight training & aerial more enjoyable.

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  1. Hahahaha: ◦Getting your period won’t seem so bad as it used to… at least you’re not pregnant. SO true haha! This was a fun read. I hope you’ll have an amazing birthday 🙂 xx

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