Thorpe Park Half Marathon & Training Update

Fitness, Updates / Thursday, March 9th, 2017

After skipping training and avoiding anything more than 10k (6 miles) since my last half marathon I was starting to get into the “running rut”. I knew if I didn’t train I wouldn’t be able to run London in 50 days without causing some sort of lasting damage to my body, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to push past 10k – not because I couldn’t do it, I’d already proved to myself I could do this, but because I was being lazy. I used my Thorpe Park Half Marathon ticket as a way of kicking myself up the bum, and I am pleased to say it worked.

I thought even though I hadn’t been training anywhere near as much as I should have, that just because I had the miles in the tank that this half would just be like riding a bike again after a long time – easy. Surprise… It wasn’t, it was a fucking nightmare. I flew through the first 6 miles, plodded along to 8 miles rather easily then hit the wall with no warning. It all started when I was on the bridge crossing the motorway and caught a glimpse of Stealth (a rollercoaster) and realised how far I still had to run to cross the finish line and see Lloyd. All of a sudden not only did I hit the wall with full force mentally but I lost my grip on the road, my legs felt like lead and everything started to hurt.

Of course, I had to push through in order to make the 3 hour cut off in order to register this run into the 100 club (I am not putting myself through all this training for nothing) but 2 very VERY long miles in I found myself curled over on the side of the road dry heaving, unable to catch my breath. I just wanted it all to be over in that moment; I wanted to be home in the warmth with Lloyd watching a movie rather than facing my goals by running another 5k.

The 12 mile marker came soon enough and although I felt like I was drifting in and out of consciousness being so tired, a group of 3 friends (I feel so bad I can only remember one lady’s name) grabbed my hand and kept me talking till we reached the final sprint to the finish. I urged them to go on ahead and make the cut off time as I hated slowing them down but quickly regretted it as I suddenly felt all alone again. Lloyd came into sight soon enough and must of thought I looked like shit because he grabbed my hand and ran (dragged) with me to the finish line.

I am proud to say I made it just in time to register my half marathon in the cut off time (2.53.47) and I have learnt my lesson to stop avoiding training. Although I am not happy with my time at all, I am over the moon that I didn’t receive a DNF and thankful recovery only lasted 48 hours.

So whats my training plan like now with under 50 days till London?

Morning – Swin/Run/Weights. Lunch Break – Indoor bike cycle. Evenings- Weights/Run. Bedtime – Yoga & Foam Rolling.

Long runs are making their appearance every weekend now in order for me to hit 20 miles and still have enough time to taper before the marathon. This isn’t ideal but is most definitely needed in my current situation. I will make it to that start line!

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