Time Out: Changing My life In Spain

Lifestyle, travel, Updates / Monday, February 1st, 2016

Everyone goes through a stressful time every now and then, and I think while we are all still 20 something it’s a whole lot harder. When you’re in your Teens you’re pretty much solidly in Education so you’re worries tend to be limited to that aspect of your life. When you’re in your thirties you’re usually in a; stable job, got a little family and have everything under control. That leaves you twenties to figure everything out.

So I got a little bit stressed. Well, more like a little bit depressed if I’m honest with you. I’m not to sure why I want to share this (possibly because a problem shared is a problem halved and all that) and how long it’s even going to take me to write the words down right now.

Here’s the edited version: Missed period followed by the enviable. A few too many problems and hospital visits. 9 weeks later period starts. 

That’s about as much as I can get round explaining. When this all happened I went into myself a lot, pushed those who supported me through those 9 weeks away which in hind site I regret, but I can’t change so let’s face the consequences.

While this was all happening of course I booked a change your life kind of holiday. Travelling has always been something I enjoy and if you’ve seen my little video on YouTube you know I’ve taken up the challenge to travel (and of course take a few hundred photos) as much as I can this year.

Spain is my kick up the butt. It’s time to detox, eat some yummy food I don’t have to cook myself for a week and also sit down and spend some time really doing some self exploring and just think about how I am going to conquer the world with a massive smile on my face in so many words.

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